Clinics and Services

Cervical Screening (Smear Tests)

Appointments available with our nurses.

Child Immunisations

Your child will be sent a reminder letter from us advising you when to book your child in for their vaccinations. If you would like to discuss vaccinations, book an appointment with one of our practice nurses by completing the Request an appointment with a Nurse or Healthcare Assistant form.


We are able to offer full contraceptive services by appointment with your doctor or practice nurse. To start the contraceptive pill or any new method of contraception, see a GP. Please complete the Contraceptive Pill review.

Diabetes Health Clinic

We are able to offer full Diabetes health clinic by appointment with your Doctor Marty McKendry. If you have been asked to complete a Diabetes Questionnaire please do so online.

Health Screening

Appointments are available with the nurse. Complete the Request an appointment with a Nurse or Healthcare Assistant form to make an appointment.

Minor Surgery

Some minor surgical procedures are carried out in the practice and a cryotherapy clinic for freezing skin lesions that do not need surgical removal, is available. Your doctor will refer you to these clinics if it is appropriate.

Nurse Services

Appointments can be made with the practice nurses and healthcare assistant for:

  • Chronic Disease Management (COPD/asthma/heart disease)
  • Dressings
  • Cervical smears
  • Ear syringing
  • Blood pressure monitoring or a form can be found here
  • Immunisations
  • Travel advice
  • Urine testing
  • Blood tests

COPD/Asthma Reviews

Appointments available with the nurses. Ask for an appointment by completing the Request an appointment with a Nurse or Healthcare Assistant form.

We also have an online Asthma Review form as well as a COPD Assessment form.

Phlebotomy (Blood Tests)

Our phlebotomist and health care assistant are fully qualified to complete blood tests and are available every day.

Six Week Checks for New Mothers and Babies

You will be contacted by our reception staff to see a GP to book your six week check.

If you are worried about your baby, do not wait for the six week check – see your GP. You can request to see them by completing the Get Help for any Health Problem form. If the appointments are full, the six week check can be done a few weeks later.

Additional Services

First Contact Physiotherapist Practitioner

A first contact practitioner is an experienced physiotherapist who has the advanced skills necessary to assess, diagnose and recommend appropriate treatment or referral for musculoskeletal problems on a patient’s first contact with healthcare services e.g. when they visit their GP surgery.

A First contract Physiotherapist offers expert musculoskeletal assessment and diagnosis, they are also integrated within the multi-disciplinary team at our GP practice. If appropriate, a First contract Physiotherapist may prescribe a programme of exercises, refer for blood tests or X-ray, administer steroid injections, or refer a patient to an appropriate secondary health service e.g. rheumatology or orthopaedics.

Patients with musculoskeletal complaints can be booked in to see a First contract Physiotherapist by a GP with referral.

Medication Review with our Pharmacists

Our very experienced Pharmacist can provide structured medication reviews.
They are offering this service to the following patients:

  • Those in care homes
  • Those taking more than 10 medications
  • Housebound frail patients
  • Those on certain pain medications like morphine based pain killers

You can request a medication review through the practice website.

Wellbeing and Emotional Support

Our Wellbeing and Emotional Support Service is called GPIMHS (General Practice Integrated Mental Health Service).

Find out more about the service from this video and leaflet: